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With a variety of skills and strengths, our small but powerful team packs a punch. We believe that our brand is as strong as the individuals behind it.

A fresh face from Fishhoek, meet Juan (WHOOAHN). With a distinctive bounce in his step, Juan navigates life at his unique pace. Quietly humorous, he radiates warmth with his infectious laugh and has a way of gently brightening up the space around him. Rarely letting things bother him, he cherishes quality time with his family and daughter. Summer braais, chilled beers, and the strumming of Jack Johnson chords on his guitar fuel Juan’s spirit. Beyond expressing his creativity in his work, he values the connections he forms in the barber chair; getting to know clients’ unique stories is at the heart of the love for his craft. With Juan’s calm demeanor and his passion for genuine connection, each grooming session is transformed into a memorable experience. Welcome to the Hermanos family, Juan!

Straight from Mosselbaai, meet Rigter – or as we call him, RIGGIE! A true South African, he is just as comfortable firing up a lekker braai sipping a brandy-and-coke as he is wielding a pair of shears. This man has a heart as big as his frame, lighting up the room with his infectious smile. Raised by the sea, he has a deep love for the ocean. He appreciates great music and has a keen eye for fashion. Often joking he was born in the wrong era, his chilled vibes and surfer’s soul make it easy to imagine him riding the waves of the 70’s. Growing up amidst the buzz of hairdressing, he blends professionalism with creativity that he brings to his craft. Rigter is all about making people feel good; he is easy-going, witty, smart and takes his work very seriously. Set to become a force to be reckoned with in the barber industry, we are ecstatic to have him part of our family.

Joyous, funny, driven and very obsessed with seeing the world! Meet Tanja – a former hairstylist and international cabin crew member turned barber and content creator. After several years of country hopping (over 47 countries!), Tanja put herself through barbering school in London, and started her journey as barber.

She is someone who appreciates that the multitude of fine details make up the beautiful bigger picture. She has a keen eye for photography and a deep love for her family, dog included! When you meet her, you will soon realise that she is a breath of fresh air with a wicked sense of humour; she enjoys a strong Margarita on a Summers day and a peaceful, yet stylish log cabin in the countryside. She is highly empathetic, and enjoys making people feel like the best version of themselves; to Tanja, barbering is a unique form of art in todays’ society. She is with us every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and we couldn’t be happier to have her a part of our family.

Meet Quinten – a fresh new face that has joined the Hermanos family, and a true lover of his craft. Quinten is the quintessential proud family man; 2 daughters, a beautiful baby boy and a wife that he cherishes. Originally from JHB, he has been living in Cape Town for the last two years but has been in the hair industry for well over 20. He loves a good braai on a summer’s day, a cold beer after work and spending quality time with his family outdoors; hiking or weekend trips to the beach. He (insanely) wakes up at 4am every morning to squeeze in exercise so that he can be his fittest self when working. His blade work is impeccable, and his daily interactions with different people is what he loves most! A talented barber, and a very quick learner, we are so glad to have him on board with us.

Striking blue eyes, blonde locks, and a mischievously fun sense of humour! Meet Angela – a bubbly, caring, determined, and passionate barber(ess) who began her career in the hair industry over 10 years ago. Angela loves being outdoors; camping, gardening, and spending quality time with her family. She is known to whip some magic up in the kitchen, and give her a good whiskey (or two) and she might show you her hidden piano playing talents! She appreciates the finer details in life – especially when it comes to her work – and she thrives on making people feel better about themselves. We are so delighted to have her a part of our gang!

Incredible dress sense and a whole ton of swag! Meet AB. This friendly, car-obsessed foodie has been cutting hair since the age of 16! Inspired by his grandfather, who was also a barber, AB discovered a passion and love for this ancient craft. AB now produces some of the most incredible fade work and loves being a part of an industry that has an impact on improving the way people feel. He can paint, he can draw, he can tile a floor; a multifaceted, bubbly, and quietly spunky personality who loves exploring the outdoors. We are so glad to have him part of the team – every so often you may catch a glimpse of him bopping to the tunes in the shop.

If you haven’t heard this girl sing, do yourself a favour! Meet Keren – a hugely talented Capetonian with the voice of an angel and key member of our team. An artist at her core, Keren began her barbering journey with us early 2020; her dedication, commitment, and passion for the trade have made some serious waves. People, their stories and the ability to make them feel like the best version of themselves make her happiest. Give her a GnT, put some (many!) dogs in the mix and surround her with friends and family and you have a winning formula. Witty. Competitive. Smart. A boundary pusher. We are so happy to have this power-house on board!

Our own Foxxy Cleopatra; this effortlessly cool, uber-stylish, strong-willed and immensely talented lady is our newest addition to the brotherhood. With a lengthy background in the grooming industry, Natacha comes with a wealth of experience and talent. Yoga, the outdoors and her family (pugs included) are some of her greatest loves. She brings a fantastic energy to our team, with a calming glow to her at all times. Don’t be fooled by her quiet nature; growing up with 5 brothers, Natacha knows how to handle her own. She is a master with the scissors and will make you feel like she has given you every ounce of her talent. We could not be happier to have her part of our team!

Jared – the barber/singer/songwriter/sock king – grew up in Kimberley, schooled in Grahamstown, and has been living in Cape Town ever since. With a natural aptitude for style and hair, he began his career at an early age and has become a force to be reckoned with. Alternate rock, a kick-ass motorbike, his fiancé, and his animals are on top of this party rocker’s list of favourites. Jared is one of our founding team members; with masterful fade-work, superb styling skills and an infectious personality, we couldn’t be happier to have him part of our crew.

This blue, and very bright-eyed, Japanese obsessed, chess playing party animal goes by the name Charlie! Charlie joined the brotherhood with a zest for life and an innate ability to keep smiling no matter the circumstances. She loves a good whiskey, looks forward to beach days and knows how to play the piano. She manages non-barbering activities in the shop and is a master at lash and brow tinting. Charlie is a core member of our crew and we couldn’t be happier to have her on the journey with us.

Reggie. Riri. Regina. Witty, well-dressed and loads of fun. Meet Regardt – a face on the Hermanos floor in Greenpoint that one cannot easily forget. Regardt fills a critical support role, making sure things in the shop run smoothly and function seamlessly. Originally from Richards Bay, he moved to Cape Town 10 years ago and has been in the hospitality industry for over a decade. His vivacious personality is infectious, and he will leave a crowd in stitches with his quirks, comments and sense of humour. A very hard worker. A lover of life. Kind, caring, attentive and loyal. Reggie loves to cook, he LOVES to sing, he works wonders with mirror mosaics, and he would do anything for his mom and sister! An invaluable member of the team, we are so happy have him on board.

Ilaria – the glue that binds it all together – may be the shortest of the bunch but is by no means the quietest; she has a major presence and an even bigger voice. Owner and founder of Flat White Designs, she is responsible for Hermanos looking good on all social media fronts, digital platforms and maintaining the overall brand. This Business Science, Property Finance and Interior Design graduate likes to keep things classy and on-trend. Make her laugh, and you’ll win her over. When you find her in the shop, ask how good her coffee-making skills are…

Stephan joins our brotherhood with a vision for the future. As the founder of Hermanos, Stephan saw an opportunity to bring the male grooming experience to new grounds, while creating an inclusive and purposeful brand. His diverse career, entrepreneurial flair, and a knack for numbers have brought a refreshing outlook to an old-world industry. Speak to this under-cover geek about Tesla, Space X and all things science and you will win his heart. Offer him a koeksister and you will have it forever.

A travel obsessed, animal-loving (in particular, a black pug named Olive!) foodie who is gifted with the talent and flair of a true artist (his painting skills are not to be overlooked). Lance is not someone who is afraid of hard work; he is determined, passionate, and believes in the continuous strive for perfection. Coffee. Food. Theatre. Art. Travel. He is very much the guy who enjoys and appreciates good culture – add some tequila and gin into the mix and you have a winning combination! 4 years in the barbering industry has given him the perfect platform to showcase his creativity. Meticulous and clean (you will rarely find a loose hair at his station), Lance gives the best of himself when you are in his char and thrives on the transformation aspect of barbering. We are so excited that he is part of our Hermanos family.

Social butterfly. Petrol head. Master in the kitchen AND amazing barber. Meet Casper; originally a farm boy from Buffeljagsrivier (say that a few times over!) who is versed in IT studies, property and more recently, a barbering course in London, is not afraid of hard work. Great tunes, a camera, some good whiskey and a weekend on the farm are up there on his list of favourites. His creative flair and passion to work with his hands has brought him into the barbering world and we are so happy to have him on board!

Danilo is a master engineer turned world traveler turned barber, and one of the founding members of Hermanos. His attention to detail is unrivaled (some refer to him as the surgeon), and his commitment to excellence is clear with every service. Apart from his witty sense of humour and his obsession with great sound and music (his carefully curated selections can be enjoyed in-store), he has a passion for learning, science, and insightful conversation. Add some whiskey, nature, and Spanish to the mix and you’ve got the man’s bases covered. An integral part of our team and the development of our newer barbers, we are thrilled to have him in the brotherhood.