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Hair, Kevin MurphyKevin Murphy Scalp Spa Wash

Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Wash


Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Treat it with the utmost care as you would your skin with this purifying shampoo; infused with a luxurious blend of skin-loving ingredients like Micellar Water, Celery Seed Extract and Rose Water. SCALP.SPA WASH gently cleanses, soothes, and balances moisture levels to nurture your scalp back to health and create the optimal foundation for healthy hair.


Sufficiently gentle for all types and textures (including brittle, over-styled or colour-treated hair), this delicate formula swiftly attracts and dissolves dirt and debris to keep flakes at bay as it liberates roots from the build-up that limits their lift.



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A gentle, purifying shampoo to support a healthy scalp. The scalp doesn’t get enough respect, which is why Kevin Murphy created their Scalp Spa Wash. This purifying shampoo is made with micellar water, celery extract, and rosewater, all of which work together to thoroughly cleanse and soothe your scalp. (It will also wash the rest of your hair.) For oily roots and a less-than-thriving scalp, this is an option worth investigating.

  • Calms
  • Balances scalp
  • Soothes
  • Nourishes

When used together as a part of the SCALP.SPA regimen, SCALP.SPA SCRUB and SCALP.SPA WASH are the epitome of “Skincare for your hair.” Packed with a range of skin-loving ingredients that nurture your scalp back to health-giving your hair the optimal foundation for beautiful hair.

How To Use

Apply the SCALP.SPA WASH to wet hair following the SCALP.SPA SCRUB. Lather gently from root to tip, and rinse. Follow with a WASH, RINSE, or MASQUE of your choice, style as desired.

Key Ingredients

Celery Seed Extract soothes and hydrates an irritated scalp. Can help to detox the scalp by visibly reducing irritation and regulating sebum production to help solve the problems associated with excess oil or a dry scalp.

Micellar Water containing Micelles gently attracts and dissolve impurities without stripping the skin. Micelles attract excess and unwanted oil from the scalp.

Rose Water soothes and calms. Rose Water holds skin conditioning properties that have been linked to helping in assisting the calming of an irritated scalp.


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