With a mix of old-world charm, contemporary attitudes and sensory elements, Hermanos is the newest addition to the South African barber industry.


Whether you are a surfer, plumber, lawyer or retiree, we have created a purposeful space for all men to be authentic; to feel and look the best that they can while the volume of the outside world subsides temporarily.


We are about service. We are about quality. We are about men. 


We are a brotherhood.

to make a fine gentleman, several trades are required, but chiefly a barber

– Oliver Goldsmith

We believe in education through consultation; our barbers pride themselves in listening, understanding, communicating and executing what is best for you. All our cuts, trims and shaves include the use of hand-picked premium products. 


Take a look at our menu, book yourself an appointment and join our brotherhood.







Classic Gents Cut / The Dante
Short back and sides with a scissor cut top. Washed and styled.
Fade / The Fritz
Contemporary blend from short to skin. Washed and styled.
Scissor Only Cut / The Gigante
Scissors all round or complete re-style. Washed and styled.
Machine Only Cut / The Ciro
Clippers all round (buzz cut) with a wash.
Cut Throat Shave / The Hermano
Our signature cut-throat shave with all the bells and whistles.
Hot Towel Beard Trim / The Albert
Clipper and/or scissor trim with hot towel and razor.
Basic Beard Trim / The Basson
Clipper and/or scissor trim.
Express Cut
Clipper work. No wash.

With a variety of skills and strengths, our small but powerful team packs a punch.
We believe that our brand is as strong as the individuals behind it.

    Kyle is our newest brother to join Hermanos. Like a true Capetonian, Kyle is always up for the beach; whether it’s for a session in the water or just to hang out, he is a lover of the ocean. A classic gentlemen at heart, Kyle is passionate about the restoration of quality items; he puts the shine back into deserved pieces of history. And this is over and above the fact that he works his scissors, clippers and cut-throat like a master. Kyle has been barbering for over 5 years, and is as pedantic about his work as he is around hygiene. You will find it hard to come across a better barber in CT.
  • Jared Hohne
    Jared - the barber / singer / songwriter / sock king - grew up in Kimberley, schooled in Grahamstown and has been living in Cape Town for two years. With a natural aptitude for style and hair, he began his career at an early age and has become a force to be reckoned with. Alternate rock, a kick-ass motorbike, his girlfriend and his two cats are on top of this this party rocker’s list of favourites. With masterful fade-work and superb styling skills, we couldn't be happier to have Jared part of our crew.
    Danilo is an engineer turned traveler turned barber and an integral part of our Hermanos team. Apart from his dashing appearance and witty sense of humour, he's an avid science lover, loves a good whiskey and holds a conversation in Spanish. His attention to detail is unrivalled, he gives a cracking cut-throat shave and he will leave you feeling like you are king of the world! We are thrilled to have him part of our brotherhood.
    Stephan joins our brotherhood with a vision for the future. As the founder of Hermanos, Stephan saw an opportunity to bring the male grooming experience to new grounds, while creating an inclusive and purposeful brand. His diverse career, entrepreneurial flair and knack for numbers has brought a refreshing outlook to an old-world industry. Speak to this under-cover geek about Tesla, Space X and all things science and you will win his heart. Offer him a koek-sister and you will have it forever.

Rich coffee, smooth whiskey, curated music and masters behind the chairs; visit us for a full experience.


For any enquiries, additional information or special booking requests, feel free to get in touch with us by filling in the form below.